Graduates Holding Diplomas

Dear RGHS Alumni (Class of June 2020),


On Monday, September 14, from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM, you may come to the school building at Robert H Goddard High School to pick up your paper diplomas and return your DOE iPads/school laptops.


All DOE iPads, laptops, and any other loaned equipment must be returned to our school building prior to diploma distribution.


Please note that you must show up in person by yourself to pick up your diplomas and return your iPads, not your family member or relative. In addition, social distancing rules will be in place (6 feet apart outside line) and you must arrive wearing a mask. Also, please bring your own pen because you will need to complete and sign various forms in order to receive your paper diploma.


Approximately 15 minutes before 10:00 AM, you will line up outside the cafeteria at Exits 8/9 (you will line up outside in the school yard, six feet apart) and only two students at a time will be allowed to enter, first come first serve. Thank you and see you soon.





Seung Oh
Assistant Principal